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Almost losing a close friend

This entry's not going to be a normal entry. This is going to be something that's going to affect me for a quite sometime and I have NO idea what to do with myself.

Tonight was annoying because I was having trouble getting online and my computer was fucking up on me too. So I decided to call Kelly up and see what was going on with her. She picked up and sounded a bit upset. So I asked her as usual, "What's up?" She was like "Nothing just hanging out here." Then a few seconds later, she told me she went to the hospital last night because she drank too much and had alcohol poisoning! She also told me that she was VERY VERY close to dying in the hospital, and she has absolutely NO memory of what happened last night or what she did. Apparently all of her friends were telling her today of what she did last night and how bad she was. I'm not even gonna get into that right now. So her mom's been yelling at her all day today and part of last night too! She's been stressed out because she's losing a few friends because of this one bitchy girl that used to be Kelly's friend, and now isn't her friend. Long story and Kelly's pissed at her and doesn't want anything to do with her again!

Anyway, the phone conversation between Kelly and me ended with her phone battery running down and losing our connection. She told me to call her back but now I really find it hard to talk to her because I really feel like I lost her completely, even though she's alive and stuff. Every single part of me, even my heart has shut down on me right now and I've been in deep tears for like a half hour!


Hopefully Kelly's coming down for about 5 days next week to get away and be with me. I absolutely can't wait! I want her to be ok and not in a fucked up place like where she is now! I guess I'm gonna be brave and call her back like she said and help both of us out a bit. You have no idea how pain I'm in right now, and all I wanna do right now is go get her, bring her back and hold her close to me! I miss her sooooo much and I need her to heal my pain right now.

Seeing a smile on Logan's face as I watch him is slowly cheering me up. Thanks Logan. :-) It's always nice to see people happy and having a good time.

I'm gonna go take an aspirin because I now have a huge headache from crying so much, than I'll call Kelly.

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