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Sorry for not updating, but...

I wonder where Neville has been... haven't seen him post in months, it seems like. Ah well. The was the first thing on my mind just now.

Last night I went to the Oasis, and it was pretty cool and fun. Second Nature, Thought Crime, Wit's End, Throat Culture, and some other low-key band played in the very end of the night. Most of the them were good, but the last band played for a good 45 minutes or so. Half-way through their set, basically everyone had left, and there was about 5 people left including me. Domeshots and Aphasia were supposed to play, but something happened and they cancelled. Ah well, it was still good.

My dad was pretty late in picking me up since he was at a friend's house a few blocks away from the Oasis, and was hung up there for a bit. Didn't get home till midnight. By then, I was sorta knocked into sleep right away.

There was this weird guy at the Oasis who kept eyeing me most of the night and kinda following me around on and off. As the night went on, we started talking, then snuggled and kissed. It was something I didn't even want to have happen, but it was his first kiss so whatever... I'm not crazy about him, really. In fact, I kinda hope not to see him again because he was just weird and kinda creepy, kinda like A-Po. This is sorta why I don't date guys anymore, because all they seem to care about is sex and things linked to it. Sometimes, I don't mind getting into it but most of the time I don't. Plus I end up hurt in the end of a relationship with a guy, so I really don't want to risk going down that road again unless I know that person pretty well.

School has been low-key in the last few days, which is nice. But again, I got some homework from Econ I have to complete by Monday. So I probably should try to get that done soon. i'll try to update this laterz...

Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far.
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