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Senior Worries

I've been stressing in the last two weeks on how in the world I'm gonna be able to get into going to the Prom and the Senior trip to Disneyland. It's sooo expensive and I can't afford to pay for both things. But the deadline to pay for them is this Friday. I'm so screwed, and worse off, I won't be able to have a fun trip to Disneyland or go the the freaking Prom!! This is my last year in HS and this stuff really matters to me! I just have a feeling I won't be able to make it.

I can't stop thinking about how broke I still am. Yet my dad cashed my check that I received from the stupud Orthodonist place a month or so ago, and I still don't have the cash from it, dammit! Geez, thanks for being SUCH a good dad... There goes prom night, the trip to Disneyland, and Graduation crap!

Sorry, had to get this out before I burst into tears or something... I've been kinda touchy all day. I hope this ends or else I won't even be able to afford going to the Oasis this Friday. Plus I need to find a way to get to the Pheonix on the 29th to see Only On Tuesday play. I'm sure my dad won't take me there, since it's in freaking Petaluma, of all places. I hope I can catch a ride with someone over there and back, or I'll be ruined emotionally.

That's my sad rant. Laterz.

PS: NO homework!! :-)

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