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Michael Moore and other stuff

Ahhh! Sundays rock my socks... NOT!! The weather here's so cruddy, a good day to get the rest of my homework done.

Last night, had pizza for dinner, and watched "The Big One" with Michael Moore on it. I love him; he's funny and wants to make our environment better for everyone, which is great. my dad went to see him last week in SF, and he was absolutely great! Not realizing at the time who he was, I didn't go with my dad. But now I wished I had gone to see him, because he's the best, basically. When my dad went to see him, the place was jammed full of people, and 50 of those people that got there early got turned away, because of limited seats in the place.

Didn't get to sleep till about 2am, since I worked a little bit more on my homework, and got a lot done within one hour, surprisingly enough. So that's good. I'm off to eat my left-over pizza and finish homework. Laterz everyone
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