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"D" Grade as in Dumb Day

Today was generally kinda a stupid day. Nothing went wrong, it's just that the weather and other junk was just stupid. I found out my grade for the math retest I took yesterday. I had a B+ on it, which was kinda ok, but I was hoping more for an A. Looking at my test, I realized that I had missed a big math problem, which was why it brought me down a lot more than expected. But my teacher was nice enough to let me do it, get half credit for it, even though I got it partially wrong, but it brought my grade up to an A- by 2 points, which rocked my socks!

Sophomores had to take an "Exit Exam" this morning, yesterday, and the day before yesterday in order for them to graduate high school. Too bad it's a new system as of this year. it makes me so flipping mad that they have to worry about and do one more pointless, stupid, lame, 7-8th grade testing and possibly pass it the first time. I sure hope everyone does pass it the first time. If they do, I heard that it's possible for this system to be abolished... I'd like to know the resulting percentage of the sophomores this year that passed on their first try. Should be interesting.

My dad made me watch a movie called "Wag The Dog". Personally, it was a stupid movie that was hard for me to get into, and it wasn't funny most of the time, even though it's supposed to be comedy. I kept falling asleep in and out of it, which made me madder, because I was looking forward to seeing it, but being disappointed later.

Dad got his car fixed yesterday and got it back this morning, which is great! I think he'll get his truck back sometime next week, but he's gotta pay a hella lot for both repairs. I wish I was rich, like i kinda used to be... Ah well. bedtime for me, I'm starting to doze as I type this long entry. G'nighterz to everyone. :-)
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