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Sunday recapture

Having a late start this morning, so I might as well tell ya my little adventure in Tibu on Sunday.

It was such a beautiful afternoon at about 2pm, when I left my house. It was a long walk to the first park in that town, but i didn't care. At least I got to be alone, which was my goal for the day. I brought school stuff with me so I could get my two poems done for Yesterday and relax. After spending a half hour sitting on this wonderful, shady hill looking down at a field and trails, I walked from Station 1 of its history up to Station 8. Took me about an hour or so to get from start to finish, because I walked slowly and decided to write down all the stations and what they were. It's very fascinating, to me anyway. At about 5pm, I walked to a little dock and watched the sun set a little, and wrote my reflection of my personal trip and the weekend being there.

Realizing how late it was getting, I decided to walk to a nearby busstop and catch a ride home. Come to find out later that I had missed it by minutes, and that the next bus wasn't coming for another hour. So I walked at a quick pace trying to get home, but failed. Realizing that it was almost time for the second bus to come, I went to another nearby stop, waited for a few minutes, and finally got my ride home. Took me an hour and a half to get home, which was surprising, because when I was walking over there, it felt like 15-30 minutes long. So yeah I got home at 6:30, and crashed for a bit. 7pm, watched QAF till about 8pm, then did some other stuff that I don't remember.

It was the best weekend I've ever spent in my life, just being alone and exploring along. I'd love to do it again, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.
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