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new day, new week, etc

I'm at school right now and forgot that there's some reading I have to do for 1st period, and we're gonna be quizzed on what we've read (I think anyway). So I should get to it.

Yesterday I worked and it was both good and it sucked. It was really nice to get out as early as 6pm but everyone there decided to be completely bitchy to each other, I have no idea why! Why can't people just BE NICE and fucking get along? Ya know, it's not that hard.

Last night Ariel and I talked a little bit on ICQ and I guess she's ok. We didn't talk for very long because I had to get to bed and we were both too tired to get into deep conversations. Which was fine with me because I was pooped already from the weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to read so see ya peeps laterz. :-)
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