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Today was yet a lazy day, but that was nice because I got tons of sleep in, and I didn't have to go anywhere... Although I kinda wanted to go to Tibu, but nearly broke.

Last night was cool. I got to see Blame Sally in SF. They played the best!! I didn't get back till about midnight, then next thing I know, Steely Dan is on TV on KQED!! Dad was really nice enough to let me tape the show too, so i get to listen to them now. So I watched that till about 2am, then read and messed around in my room for a bit till farely late.

I ended up sleeping in until 1pm today, which was not what I wanted to do, but hey! Sleep is sleep, right? My soar throat is very slowly going away, but not by much. If it weren't for the damn chemtrails being a huge problem this past week, I don't think that my dad and I and other people would be sick tight now...

Tomorrow's a school day, so I should get back into gear and get ready for bed... Much love to y'all!
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