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Something From CoRri

current mood: tired.
current music: Actually a discovered tape I found me and friends talking on 9/11.
current taste: Water
current hair: Little loop pony tail, the usual thing.
current dress: black jeans and striped blue t-shirt.
current annoyance: people's attitudes at work towards me.
current smell: insense in my room
current longing: go out in the moonlight and be completely free within myself.
current game: This online game called Grump. (Difficult solitaire game with three other people)
current thing I ought to be doing: reading or getting ready for bed.
current windows open: Netscape email and navigator, LJ Friends Page, Internet Explorer: "All Games Free" Page and Grump, LJ, and Wordpad.
current desktop picture: Personal collage of some people from school involving class of 2003 and 2004, mostly 2004, cuz I love them!
current favorite artist: Switchfoot, Only On Tuesdays, Growth of Alliance, Steely Dan, and Al Green.
current favorite group: ??
current book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling; The Rolling Stones - In Their Own Words by David Dalton
current CDs in stereo: The Locals' current CD.
current colour of toenails: Just plain, I don't really bother coloring them much.
current refreshment: Just water, good for my throat.
current worry: Wondering where my dad is and when he's coming home from his usual Thursday night thing.
current crush: Colin!!!!
current favorite celeb: Will Friedle (Eric) from Boy Meets World
current time wasting wish: Wanting to meet the guys from Incubus. :-)
current hate: My new job.

today have I ..

smiled?: barely, but yes.
laughed?: same as above.
cried?: A little, yes.
bought something?: yep.
danced?: I wish, but nope.
were sarcastic?: I don't think so, but at this time of month, I could easily be accidentally sarcastic, but I hope not today anyways.
talked to an ex?: Nope.
watched your favorite movie?: Nope.

a last time for everything.......

last book you read: a solid book - The first Harry Potter book; last comic book - Calvin & Hobbes: There's Treasure Everywhere
last movie you saw: I don't remember, it's been a while.
last song you heard: Shawn Colvin - I Don't Wanna Wait
last thing you had to drink: Water
last time you showered: last night
last thing you ate: Second night of good Spaghetti

do you...

smoke?: NO way! Horrible!
do drugs?: No!
have sex?: Not really, no.
sleep with stuffed animals?: No, but if I had a bunch of good stuffed animals to snuggle with, I probably would.
live in the moment?: Trying to, but I don't think I am right now. For some reason, I'm thinking about what happened at school on 9/11.
have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yep, fortuantely, good ones that I'll remember.
play an instrument?: Kinda. I'm starting to really teach myself some guitar, so I think I'm sticking to that.
believe there is life on other planets?: I wish, but I don't think there is.
remember your first love?: Yep.
still love him/her?: Yep, I just wish this person doesn't live so flipping far away from me... :-(
read the newspaper?: Nope.
have any gay or lesbian friends?: Yep, plenty. :-)
believe in miracles?: I guess so.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: I guess so.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: i dunno...
consider love a mistake?: no
like the taste of alcohol?: NO way, this is why I DO NOT DRINK!
have a favorite candy?: Nope, I don't like candy, personally.
believe in astrology?: not really.
believe in magic?: Not really.
believe in G/g/od?: Yeah.
go to church?: No.
do well in school?: Yep, for once, I'm getting really great grades this semester. Woohoo!
go to or plan to go to college?: Yeah.
wear hats?: Nopers.
have any piercings?: One in each ear lobe, that's it.
have any tattoos?: nope
hate yourself?: Depends, but I don't now.
have an obsession?: Yeah, a few too many, I guess.
have a secret crush?: Kinda sorta, not really though, cuz a few people know about it. So i guess it's not a secret anymore.
do they know yet?: Some do, and others don't.
collect anything?: Kinda, CDs from the Oasis from bands.
have a best friend?: Yeah.
wish on stars?: Yeah. Stars are our friends. :-)
like your handwriting?: yeah, kinda.
have any bad habits?: Yep, too many.
care about looks?: Not really. It's what matter's on the inside is what matters to me.
believe in witches?: No.
believe in Satan?: Dunno much about it, so I dunno.

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