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Good stuff yesterday

School was ok, got some stuff done. Went to the Oasis last night, and Growth of Alliance, Dexter Danger, and some other bands played there. At the end of the night, I was bored and sat in a little group orgie with Elliot, and some other peeps I didn't know. But later on, I got into a foot orgy with Elliot and this awesome girlfor a while, before the people in charge of the Oasis had to kick all of us out for the night. It was the funnest night I've ever had at the Oasis. I just wish that Colin and Blaine were there, but it's all good.

Ana was sooo annoying last night during the Oasis. She happened to be telling me about his ex-bf, who happened to be sitting with me, Elliot, Sarah, and the rest of the peeps on the couch. As soon as Ana walked away, I looked at her ex-bf, shook my head and rolling my eyes and he knew exactly what i meant. he knew how annoyed I was at her and I just sensed that he went thru the same crap with her in many ways as well. So we talked a little about that. After the foot orgie, Ana walked up to me and started yelling at me, asking me why was I talking to him and also asking me what was I saying to him. To get her off my back, I told her, "It wasn't about you, ok! just leave me alone!" Then she backed off. I guess I should have really told her that she was being really annoying and that she has no idea how many people hate her for being such a bitch, but I figured it would've started a dreadful fight. So unfortunately I had to say something different. Kinda my fault, but whatever.

Will write more laterz.

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