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New Ups and Downs

School today was very stressful in the morning due to working on a group powerpoint presentation for Econ, saving everything twice and still losing half of the slides that are/were suppose to be there. So I had to spend part of lunch redoing part of those erased slides all over again to get back to where we were. Extremely annoying crap. I'm starting to hate computers, especially floppy disks. I have to use them for school all the time, and they're complete pain in the arses!

I'm thinking about taking my math test early, and getting it out of the way so i can make more time to work on my Econ Project for Thursday. HOpe it works out too. I got back my latest Econ test and got a freaking 'D' on it. NOT GOOD! Luckily I'm doing a whole bunch of extra credit for that class, so I'll be getting a 'B+' with it and/or a 'C-' without it. Hopefully I won't be getting a Progress Report in the mail his weekend, because the rest of my grades are super.

Chorus was better, since our teacher came back. So things back to normal (kinda). There's still lots of people out sick... Tomorrow is the next and last half of the Solo Ensemble Concert, which I'm not performing in. But I'm going there to support my buddies and other cool peeps too. So that should be fun.

I'm thinking about getting my foot in the door to work at Rite Aid for a while until I find something better, so I can at least get some money going again. There's many great Punk bands playing at the Oasis this Friday, and I have to at least save a minimum of $20 to get in and buy new CDs. Being real low on cash has gotten me under huge stress, not being able to find a nice job to get a boost back up on things is a real problem. Good thing I saved up as much as I could before I quit, in case of this happening. Anyway, enough on money and work crisis for now.

Dad's doing better today. he's still sick, but at least sane and looking better. Hope everyone has had a decently good day as well. Laterz taterz....
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