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Adventure dream

After I posted last night, I tried waking up my dad again. He finally slowly woke up, which was good. Looks like he's doing a little better this morning. I can go to school real happy!

I had a weird but cool dream about My Poetry teacher, my dad, and my dad's friend and I deciding to take a vacation trip. Only problem: We planned on leaving at night, bring a trailor and a little motorhome with us, along with a new, comfy van. As the night went on, many things were going wrong and we didn't leave till morning. We traveled outside the state, driving around, staying in many different places, and running into different people from my school and dragging them with us the whole trip. It was great! I kept on being awakened by my alarm clock, shutting it off, and going back to sleep in that same dream, where I left off. It's still not over and I hope to dream more of it tonight! :-) Adventures are cool!
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