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Today's Spills

Today both sucked and went well. The good part of the day was I managed to get most of my homework done for the week, so I'm ahead of the game. Feels great to not have to worry about it later when stuff is due for classes.

Chorus was kinda horrible. Colin wasn't there along with my teacher and some other people in the class. We got this real bitchy teacher who basically bossed everyone around, not letting some people work on their Solo Ensemble stuff. Jeez, if I was the sub, I'd at least let people do what they needed or wanted to do. At least our teacher's coming back tomorrow. :-)

My math teacher decided to be nice to us and postpone our "Exponents Test" to this Thursday, instead of tomorrow. YAY, one more class day to study.

My dad just got sick yesterday with a nasty cold or something, so he's been feeling really horrible and weak today. luckily he stayed home from work to catch up on rest. he sure needs it!

That's it for today's little announcement. Maybe I'll go to bed at 10pm and get my good night's rest early. Laterz everyone.

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