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Different Sunday

Today was quite a strange day! My kinda old friend, Sarah, called me out of the blue wondering what's up with me. I told her, not much, just being bored at home. So this afternoon, I got my behind outta the house for the afternoon and went hiking with her and another friend of hers for hours. During that hike, I ran into Paris and Seth... :-) Great peeps! Anyways, Sarah took me to her house in Tibu, and we hiked all over the city and town. I love it there, and I should make it a habit to hike or explore more in that area. Outside of school and going to the Oasis, i really don't go out that much. So I think it'd be great to go hiking somewhere every weekend and explore certain places.

After our big hike, Sarah's other friend left and Sarah and I hung out with a few other peeps in the apt. complexes. I was starting to get a little homesick at that point, so Sarah took me home. I just got back here about 15 minutes ago... I guess Sarah's gonna pick up one of her friend's dog whose really sick right now.

I'm tired and beat, so I think I'm gonna nap out and re-center myself before dad gets home... laterz taterz.
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