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I don't know what I'm missing till I dream it...

I just woke up from a long nap on the couch, feeling a bit tingly in a good way, I guess. I just had a great dream involving CoRri, J-Link, J-Diaz (I think), and Colin!! There's a few mixed scenes that aren't linked together, time-wise, but some of it'll make sense later.

The first scene that I remember off the bat is all of us except Colin were hanging out at a Picnic bench talking when Colin appeared in the distance behind a skinny tree. He seemed to be doing a "Peek-a-Boo" thing, hiding behind that very same tree, and eyeing on J-Link whenever he poked his head out from behind the tree. All of us were laughing, just the way he did it was the perfect moment. All of that changed when he started lighting up a fake Cig, trying to be cool. He failed at it, and threw it away. I was disgusted and shocked like the rest of us at the table were, seeing him do that in the distance. Then he yells to all of us, "I love you always" and disappeared.

Second scene was quite similar except in a different location. This time, I don't remember if CoRri was there, but J-Link and J-Diaz were definitely there! We were sitting at a small table inside Starbucks chatting away about school and life. We were expecting Colin to come soon, so every minute or so, we'd glance out the window beside us, looking towards C. A. street to see if he was there. Sure enough a few minutes later, Colin stepped out of his brown van right beside the Parking Pull-in, and knew exactly where we were sitting, from a distance. Right away, he hid behind a Safeway sign, did the "Peek-a-Boo" silliness, eyeing J-Link, and acting extremely happy and silly. J-Link and I were laughing so hard we almost spilled our drinks! next thing I knew, I looked out the window to see Colin trying to light up a fake Cig, and failing. Then he excitedly runs over towards us, walks into Starbucks, comes to our table and decides right then that he wanted to give me a huge huge hug! It felt as if I hadn't seen him in years, only in a week's passing time. We had missed each other so much and hugged for a good few minutes. As he was touched and surprised on how much I missed him, he said quietly in a low tone, "I love you, my sister." He was such a loving person to be around for the rest of that time.

Next and last scene that i remember, only involved Colin. For some reason, we were sitting outside of some dirty hall cuddling. Sounds strange, but in the dream, it seemed like the right thing to do. We talked a lot about music, romance, young memories until...

I wake up with the sun blasting in my face. The End.

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