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Nothing Goes Right today

I just have to start saying that this morning was a nightmare crap! Everything was going smoothly when I got up, left the house, walked partially to school, and took the bus for the rest of the way. When I got on, I got some fun Econ calculating hw out and was almost finished with it by the time our bus stopped at school. So i roughly gathered my loose papers, binder, calculator, pen, etc and stepped off the bus. After I walked a few steps away from the bus, everything that was piled into my hands spilled all over the ground, including my homework! Talk about embarrassment! Frustrated at myself, I regather my stuff and walk to a nearby seating bench successfully. So I tried to put the loose papers in my binder and put that in my backpack when those papers fell out of the binder and landed in a slightly wet dirt! Raging mentally, I pick up the papers and slam them into my binder and try again. Damn papers fell out and landed in the dirt AGAIN!!!!! Completely and outrageously pissed, I shove the papers in my backpack after shoving my binder into my backpack, zip up the damn thing, and stomp off to my Econ class to complain about what happened.

Luckily my Econ teacher was extremely nice enough to give me brand new Econ sheets to replace the dirty ones and complete it without late penalties. So that class zoomed by quickly, and managed to get some stuff done in there, but not everything. I got a project due next Thursday as well, so that's why I was uptight on the neatness and cleanness of my work.

It was drizzling on and off, which was kinda nice and kinda annoying. I love sunny days; makes me happy and chipper. but today was a different story. A few times today, I have walked into one of the halls to get to my other classes and slipping and almost falling on my arse, causing me to get mentally enraged and want to smash something. But I didn't. Math was annoying, but got though it. Lunch began, and things were quickly looking up for me as the day went on.

As soon as I walked into Chorus, I knew that music and laughter between everyone and my friends would cheer me up. It was mainly a big thanks to Colin, J-Link, and CoRri! :-) no matter what's happening, they always seem to make my day a whole lot better by being there and stuff; it's amazingly great!

Now I have to worry about finishing a group Essay for my Poetry class analyzing the "Middle Passage" poem. It's hard, but I better get it done before my skin explodes! Way too much pressure for a few of my classes right now, which is making my life difficult to enjoy. I realized that this is a long post, but I have to release this stress somewhere, might as well be here in beautiful LJ-land!

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