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Tonight and music babbles on

Ahh!! *Huge sigh of relief* Tonight went well! There was fewer people that came to the Ensemble Concert tonight than I thought. But it was still great. Everyone did great, and I wasn't nervous when I did my part with Colin; it was actually fun perfoming in front of peeps. There's another ensemble concert next Wednesday, but I'm sure my teacher won't let me do an actual solo tune, since there's sooo many people playing that night... I guess I kinda blew it this year, but oh well.

Speaking of music, I just now found a great Music Search engine besides CDNOW.COM... it's it should be pretty good and helpful for many things I've been trying to look for.

My cold's dying away rather quickly, which is great. Barely on time for me to sing again, but it's sure better than singing horribly and being embarrassed. Guess it's bedtime for moi! See ya laterz..

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