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Not feeling great...

I think I AM sick... ARgh! At least hings in chorus went well with Colin. At first, he didn't know what I was talking about, but later it clicked. So we got thru it and it was fun. :-) Too bad that my voice was crappy... As soon as I started singing after warming up, it was holding up ok for that moment. Then afterwards, my voice kinda died... Ah well, the sickness shall pass...

Tonight, my voice is SUPER low for some reason... Feels really weird. Ok I'm rambling and babbling at this point... I have no hw to do tonight so I think I'll close the curtains early for the night. Time for me to take some Grapefruit medicine and get better. I SOO don't wanna miss school tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd be the most depressing person to be around. Night night everyonez!

10:10pm, 2/4/02
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