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Oasis last night, today

I went to the Oasis last night. It was ok, but there was an emptiness there, it seemed like. Most of the new bands were playing that I had no recognition of. The last band that played (Blame Cindy) put me to sleep! I think I slept there for a good hour or so while they played and even before they played. One of my Oasis Friends Kelsey had to wake me up once or twice when it was over, since everyone was basically kicked out of the room by the end of the night. Oh well. It was ok, but not the most exciting time I've been there.

By the beginning of the night, I was kinda forced to hang out with Ana along with Noelle and Kate. Ana was getting on my nerves personally, but I enjoyed hanging out with Noelle and Kate. It sucked that Colin and Blaine weren't there. :-( Ah well, next time though.

Today was a nothing day. But it was a good nothing day. I relaxed around the house alone while my dad drove around Marin for most of the day with his agenda. I think I'm gonna spend some time tonight doing some homework. My dad's got some friends over, but I'm not interested in getting into their scene at the moment, too boring for me. Anyway, enough of my babbling for the day. Will write more laterz.

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