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Poetry Time!

this morning has gone splendid!! I think I'll post the two poems I wrote last night.

The Littlest Things

Here I sit in this old, unstable, lumpy, hard office chair
Inside a school office of working grown-ups spreadly surrounding me
And staring at a wall full of tragic stories about September 11th
As my stomach growls loudly like a mad dog,
I reach my hand into a small, brown bag full of dead-leavish crackers
And stuff two wrist-size Ritz into my mouth
To forget about that tragic day I went through at school

As I forget, I remember my rough, happy childhood days spent in elementary school
Running around in this small school campus insanely,
Annoying nature and life,
Eating crackers and drinking vegetable juice during recess
Ignoring hurtful critisisms going one ear and out the other
Oh how I wish those bloomful sunshiney days of free play
Were waiting for me around the corner
Where I left it since I abandoned it with no notice

MJZ-dek And Full Moon Talking

I remember nothing but the night
I remember seeing the reflection of you
Shining into my old, cold window at night
Having no one to talk to but you, I strike a conversation with the beautiful Full White Moon

" 'Night Full Moon! It's been a long time since we've connected!"
Coming closer to the frozen window, full moon says,
"We have both changed! How are you?"
Thinking, MJZ-dek replies, "I'm quite fine. How 'bout yourself?"
Full moon lightens up the sky like bright ripplings of reflected water, and says,
"I'm as happy as I can be here in outer sparkles of space bliss!"
Out of nowhere, Full moon asks MJZ-dek a philosophical question
"Is nature free?"
MJZ-dek lies on her soft quilt, thinking about this question
"You know, I'm too young to answer the unknowns"
MJZ-dek lays eyes on the night light once more, thinking of what next to say
MJZ-dek says, "Why are you still around for so long?"
Full moon circles the night sky, and
Replying this, "I look to my left, and I'm on top of the world;
I look to my right, and i'm setting the world free"

I'm done for now, more goodies will come laterz.

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