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I'm Dancing!!

WOW I've never felt THIS happy in a LONG TIME!! it can be the littlest things that do it for ya, and it can be the biggest things; for me - it's a combo of little and big things.

I managed to accomplish a hella GOOD poem in a half hour time for tomorrow that's due in Poetry class. I still have to write another poem that's philosophical, but it's really hard I don't know how to do that one. I'll probably figure it out tonight. Anyways, that's sorta a big and little thing. But I think it's a big thing, because I've been worried about this hard assignment, thinking I'm not gonna get it in on time or it's gonna be horrible and I'm going to fail. But Worry, I not do!!

Another Happy thing is Chorus! Spent half of the time haning out with CoRri and Colin talking about music and other stuff. I thought it was great. Colin's great! They totally perked up my day. Not that it was bad, but usually Chorus can get boring or frustrating, but today it was very enjoying! I know at this point I'm rambling, but I think I might be singing back-up vocal with Colin for the Solo Ensemble Concert. I hope it works out; if so, I'm psyched! I got one of his songs stuck in my head, and CoRri knows which one I'm talking about. :-)

I'll post my two poems laterz tonight when I'm done with it and other stuff. Happy peace to everyone!

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