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rest of day

Got home from school, checked email, chatted for a bit, then napped out for a half hour or so... I've been lazy all afternoon and didn't do anything special or exciting. But a few minutes ago, I did mess with my site a little bit and fixed a few dumb things here and there. And no, I haven't gotten a new Guestbook yet or anything. Will try to get that soon for ya.

Damn my batteries in my walkman just died on me... :-( A-l-l I -w-a-n-n-a d-o i-s h-a-v-e s-o-m-e f-u-u-n.... Yep, time to change them right now.

Talked to Mike on the phone and he seems to be a bit burned out too from the week and other stuff, which is fine with me. I wasn't quite in the mood to hang out with him this afternoon just because I'm a bit burned out too and didn't really feel like socializing personally with anyone.

*YAWN* Well I'm off to either nap out some more (hehe I know I'm lazy) or watch the news. See ya all laterz. ;-)

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