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Happy Dream / This Morning

YAY I finally had a positive dream about peeps in our school, even Simon too. One weird thing was there was a hellicopter circling very very low at our school, kinda strange. After I noticed that, I walked to the Student Center, and sat down at a table right by the snack bar window when I noticed Simon walking down to the Student Center. Before he came in, I decided to get my nose into a book and start reading, so I wouldn't be distracted. After that, Simon walked into the SC, came up to me, tapped me on the head and said, "Wazzup?"
Stunned, I replied, "Well not much Simon. How about you?"
"Nada," he says humorly. Then he walks into the Snack Bar where he used to work, opened two windows closest to me and decided to serve me some food for free. I thought it was great. I eventually asked him, "How come you're back here working again?" He said, "Well I just wanted to collect my last check that I never got before Winter Break." I thought that was cool, but Why so damn late?

Next thing I knew, my alarm clock rudely awakened me from the dream and talking about the daily weather report. It's supposed to be very cold and damp and crappy all day, unfortunately. Kinda annoying, cuz I was thinking about walking to school today. But I guess I have to take the early bus and get to school early than barely make it on time.

Oh well, off to school in a few minutes and I'm Not even close to being ready! Yikes! laterz everyone... "I hate Mondays!" --> Garfield

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