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Dreams, and yesterday

Yesterday was an okay, mellow day at school. Got some stuff accomplished, not everything, but enough to be satisfied for now, I guess. Not much to say about it.

Last night, I managed to break out of my bitterness to dad and we finally started talking again. He's still being inconsiderate of my feelings of me wanting to leave the house for a week, and come back. But I just want to forget about it and try to live my life in happiness. So for now, we're at least getting along a little bit in a humurous way.

I've had two of the best dreams ever in the last few days. One of them is about me driving for the first time in a Toyota Tercel car with Claudine. It was funny, because we both kept switching places in the driver's seat at every Stop light; it was great!

The second dream was about spending a day in a romance friendship/relationship with Colin!! :-) It all started with us running into each other on the bus going to school. Next thing I knew, Colin and I were talking a lot and cuddling up with each other for the love of it. Next thing that I remember was later that night, we were talking about a whole bunch of stuff and cuddling with each other's gentle touches in bed. (Not sure if this was at my house or his house) He was sooo sweet, because he didn't want to go too far with me, and vice versa. So I've just discovered from having this dream with Colin, that it's what I'd like to see in a guy - funny, gentle, musical, sweet, mature and sometimes immature, and very loving. None of the sex stuff, really. For now, I can do w/o it. It's the love for someone special like him that I think kinda matters. There's one true factor about him: Everyone Loves Colin! :-)

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