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Short term memory here... or not!

Ok, I'm unsure as of when I last wrote in here, but it sure feels like a few days. Yesterday was a great day at school; got tons of stuff done and even got caught up on sleep in an awkward way. Came home from school yesterday, had dinner, then fell asleep by around 6pm, and slept till about 1am. Afterwards, I stayed up for a while to catch up on my usual nightly stuff and went back to sleep at around 4am... Barely got up by 6:30am this morning, and was running slow for part of the morning. Everything was going smooth and well until....

Second Period Math Class!!
Po was really getting on my nerves by writing pointless notes to me saying, 'I want you' repeatedly. All I can say is ARGH! I don't like him at all! He stalks me every day and has gone yet too far with me again. So I snapped at him this morning and basically told him to bug off. I'm thinking, if he pulls this every-other-day manuever by Thursday, I just might have to either yell at him to set him straight, strictly talk to him about what he shouldn't/should be doing, or go complain to my counselor about him annoying the crap out of me every day! I'd hate to have to take it as far as having a grown-up dealing with this stupid situation, then having both my parents and Po's parents know about it. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but I'd rather try to deal with this myself first. Then if it gets outta hand, then I'll have to go to Step Two - Complain to Counselor. Anyway, he pissed me off and I needed time alone for part of lunch to both think about what to do and talk to a few peeps about it, and maybe get advice. So I'm sticking with that plan and enough of Po for now.

The rest of the day went back to being smooth and nice when I walked into Chorus, actually a little before that. I'd have to say that the one person that's made me smile and laugh all day was CoRri! I think it's really great to know happy, fun, and hilarious peeps like her. Thanks CoR! :-)

Time to put laundry away and hit the hacky sack... Well, hopefully ya know what I mean. Tootlez.

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