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Damn Sleep

Well my first day back in school today. I lost an hour or two of sleep because my dad was thrashing around in the middle of the night, and making tons of noises in the bathroom. Sounded like water was gushing everywhere and it was flooding, but it was just him taking a loud shower. Argh! Then my dad stomps outta the bathroom, and walks around the house, and finally goes to sleep at 4:30am. Kinda pissed me off, because he informs me that I need to get to bed early, like between 10 and 11pm. So I got to bed by 11pm, and couldn't get to sleep for another 45 minutes. Then he wakes me up by thrashing around in the middle of the night. Jeez, thanks Dad!

While sleeping though, I had a dream that I was getting attacked by two huge dogs while visiting my old place before moving down to the Bay Area. It was weird, because first thing I know, I'm riding my bike with a friend/aquantaince in the same block listening to Steely Dan music; next thing I know, I pass by a house full of cruel dogs, and they come after me and attack me. Before waking up, I noticed I tried to scream and yell for help, but I had lost my screaming voice at the time, but waking up out of the dream was a savior!

Just finished my first cup of tea. Now off to fold my clean laundry, then off to school. Laterz everyone. Quick hi out to CoRri and Te!

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