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this morning

Got up this morning at about 6am which is a little later than I wanted to get up for school, but oh well. The weahter here's really crappy and rainy and gloomy outside right now.

This morning when I got to school, I had absolutely nothing to do that I decided to clean out my backpack and my locker. I'm pretty happy I did that, cuz now it's all nice and organized. :-) I hate it when I have dirty shit that I have to look at every day, it drives me in sane! Then I went into the computer lab to do a few simple things before my first class of the day. I wasgetting these stupid, obscene messages about some idiot being god and other useless crap that was irritating! I knew who the hell it was too, and he was pissing me off from the start. Unfortunately he was in my first class too! ARGH! So I tried to ignore the messages and left and went to class. Then I saw him again coming to class. And he came up to me and started talking shit about me being careless and that my dad's gonna die soon if I don't care about him or something stupid like that. I was like," yeah whatever, leave me alone right now!" he finally did. :-) The rest of my morning has been good so far. YEAH TGIF!!!

I apparently have some shit to do this tutorial like finish the damn math quiz from yesterday, which I think is about it. I try to write more next period, if possible. See ya all laterz...

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