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Another Nothing Day

Today was a stupid lazy day. slept all day and watched TV. Had a dream about my dad and I getting in trouble with the police for something that had to do with politics, I forget what it was though.

I had other mixes of dreams too. One of the other dreams involved Colin, Chris, and a few of their friends. I was watching them play frisbee or football in the school field, then it was time to leave or go back to class or something. Anyway, the dream concludes with everyone at Tam having to leave Tam and go to an elementary school up in the Sierras. (it was a school I went to in the elementary days). It was weird going back to that school and seeing all the Tam people there, because I got to see my 1st and 2nd grade teachers there and taking their stuff down so they could make room for our classes. Weird. I found one of the school super attenddants (I think that's right), and asked him, "What's going on at Tam? What's wrong there?" He mumbled a few words that I couldn't understand and I figured he was trying to hide something, so I didn't ask anymore.

Had a few other dreams mixed into that, then woke up, and had dinner. So here I am bored with nothing to do... Maybe will write more laterz...

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