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mixed feelings

My foot's getting better and I can kinda walk normally but not completely. My day was ok, not bad but not great either. Had to take a damn math quiz which I didn't finish but will finish tomorrow during tutorial class.

I feel like an idiot... I'm starting to like another guy who's a freshmen named Simon. He sits by me in math class and often helps me out on problems I'm stuck on. We almost always work together in that class which is cool. He's funny too, and a kick-ass kind of guy. Even though I'm with Mike, all of this afternoon, I've been thinking about Simon and I can't seem to get him off my mind. It's kinda got me a little depressed... Maybe I'm WAY too obsessed, I don't know... I'm confused.

I was pissed off earlier because I went to my job to pick up my check and they didn't have it! Fucking bastards! It turns out I'm fucking getting paid NEXT week from today! ARGH!! I hate the way they run their damn system but whatever.

Talked to Kelly last night and I'm hoping for her to come down here in about two weeks from now. It'll be cool to spend time with her again, haven't seen her in about a month or so... Tried gettting a hold of her tonight but she's not there.. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. I did talk to Ariel both last night and tonight and she's doing great.

OMG "I'll Be" is playing on the radio right now! It seems like forever since I've heard that tune. It's slowly bringing tears to my eyes.... :-)
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