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Hope everyone has had a great Christmas! Mine was good and relaxing. Woke up this afternoon at about 1pm, feeling bad for not getting up decently in the morning, but it was alright. I needed the sleep and dad understood. No presents received or given, and it was ok. My dad prepared Turkey along with stuffing, peas, and potatoes for dinner. Felt like another Thanksgiving, but different. It was an excellent dinner, I must say! I relaxed, showered, and slept some more, which sums up the rest of my day.

Yesterday was cool. My dad and I went to QQ's house and had dinner with QQ's family, which was fun. I played video games with the kids and watched tv. Sounds kinda boring, but it was alright. Didn't get back here at home till midnight, and stayed up for an hour, then finally went to sleep at about 1:30am.

I need to get a hold of/talk to kelly and see if she still wants to come up and see me for a few days. I've been trying to get a hold of her for days, but she's either not there, sleeping, or busy. ARGH! Oh well. I'll call her tomorrow.

More things laterz...

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