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Website's Ready

Yes I'm finally done updating my website. I put a few more things up there, and fixed some old things that don't need to be there now. I'm kinda happy with it now. maybe I'll add more stuff tomorrow, who knows. What inspired me to update it again was looking at CoRri's website full of fun goodies, which reminded me of what I needed to do to my website. :-) it's all good now.

In my previous post, I was getting pissed because Internet Explorer was starting to freeze up, causing me to almost lose what I was adding to a page and not save it. Even after it frozed and having to shut IE off and reopen it, I was still back to where I left off, which was great. I was thinking I might've lost a bunch of stuff from not saving it. I learned a lesson, and fortunately had my stuff there. So that was good. Anyway, check it out for yourself, gimme some feedback, whether it's good or not. Night night everyone.
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