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Wowzers, I've been sleeping like a log since about 5:30pm; managed to wake up and have some dinner, then went straight to sleep afterwards. I woke up a few minutes ago thinking it was 3am, but it's only almost 11:30pm, which I can't believe because my dad woke up thinking it was 3am as well. Weird!

Anyway, my last day of work was ok; it was slow for the first 4 hours, but got really stressful in the last half of my shift, which wasn't good. Feels great to be out of there now, I can sleep in and finally have friends over (like Kelly and Ariel!).

I'm gonna stay up and get a few things done, then try to go to bed. Still feels like the wrong time, but I can cope with an early time for once, I guess. :-) Laterz everyone!

UPDATE @11:31pm, 12/22/01:
I apparently can't post this since LJ's down, argh! i'll wait till it comes back up again.

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