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Today was a crazy mellow day. Didn't get to see CoRri though... :-( Hope she's alright. Anyway, my dad woke me up at about 9am this morning, which was kinda late, because I wanted to be up by 8:30am. Oh well, no biggie, still got to school early before 10:20.

Before I woke up, I had kinda a bad dream of taking my government final early. So my teacher told me I had 15 minutes to do it, and I had no extension time. Next thing I knew in the dream, I was stuck in a classroom alone doing part of the final, then leaving for my resource class, which took me a while to look for, for some odd reason. Later I ended up failing miserably on the final, then I woke up out of the dream thinking I'm really gonna fail this final. I'm sure I won't, since I've been studying for weeks and still am till Thursday.

All six of my classes were 40 minutes long, no breaks except for a break after 7th period final and before my first class, and a lunch break. KInda sucked, but I lived thru it. Tomorrow thru Friday should be cool. Maybe I'll write more laterz.
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