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good shit and bad shit today

Woke up this morning to the moon shining brightly into my window at about 5am this morning. Listened to some music from my alarm clock, then eventually got up and got myself ready for school.

I got to my 1st period class and realized that I didn't have my hw that was due with me, it was here at home. Ooops. So I'll bring it in tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a "B" on it, which is not too bad.

Then at break, I was walking down some stairs outside the school building. I lost my footing, twisted my ankle really bad and fell down the stairs. Everyone around me was in shock and was wondering if I was ok. I was too in shock of myself. So I got up immediately, and quickly walked it off as if it never happened. Lemme tell ya something, it was the WRONG thing to do! The pain in my ankle and my foot started to hurt a bunch more where I was scared to walk. So I went to the nurse to JUST get some ice on it, and she insisted me on missing half of my second period class and sitting in the nurse's office to have an ace bandage AND ice on my ankle. What a way to fuck up my morning!! But the nurse let me sleep in there to ease the pain before I went anywhere. So I slept off the pain for a half hour, then limped on back to class. Missed half of the lesson for Chorus but that's no biggie because our class always reviews stuff we learned the previous day. :-)

Then came lunch. With my ankle in pain, I decided to limp to Starbucks and tell Mike what was happening to me. He was in quite shock and was hella worried about me and if I'm gonna survive the day or not. Man he cares so much it's unbelievable sometimes. Anyway, he offered me a ride home after school, which was really nice of him. So I limp on back to school, and go to my 3rd period class, which went really well. Then came my last class of the day, Geometry.

I knew right then no matter what, I was screwed for the day for a few reasons.
1. Didn't do my hw.
2. There was lots of steep stairs to climb to get to that class and there was NO way for me to walk up them.
3. I knew my teacher was gonna give me an unexcused tardy, and for a reason too.

Anyway I went back to the nurse to get more ice on my ankle and tell her that it was impossible for me to climb those stairs, and that there was no way for me to get there. So she told me to go through someone else's classroom, and then go across the hall to my class. I thought it was pathetic because I didn't want to walk into someone else's class and disturb them, and go out the other way to just get to my class. But that's what I did, and I kinda got dinged for it, but that's ok. So math went ok, it kinda sucked and I don't really feel like getting into deep detail about it. All I know was I was so glad to get outta school and wait for Mike to come and get me. So 10 minutes later, he shows up, and he takes me home. What a sweety!!!

Mike left after than, and my dad came home. So I told him the situation, and he took good care ok my ankle then. Then I napped out for a few hours, then woke up to dinner in front of me. So I ate, then my dad dealt with my ankle some more about a half hour ago, and it's slowly feeling better.

I called Kelly tonight and she had a very shitty day too, which I won't get into right now. But her hilight of the day was me calling her up, which makes me feel great that I did call her. I missed her lots.

Now I'm sorta chilling a bit, watching Logan and waiting for Ariel to either get online or call me. I really need to talk to her about some stuff. Anyway, I think this has been the longest journal I've written and I'll shut up now and rest my hands from typing and thinking. :-) Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Peace out y'all!
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