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Part 2 of last night's late post.

Come to think of it, there's only one thing that's bothered me since I've worked at Safeway:

First of all, half of the coworkers are decent and fun to work with, and I don't have any problems with them. But the other half are so annoying that I wanna set them straight somehow. Some of them will ask me the same questions every time I show up at work. For example, "Where have you been? On Vacation?" My immediate response is: "I go to school during the week and I'm only there on the weekends." That should be obvious, and it's the same people I have to tell it to them over and over again; I'm sick of it! A few other people are just annoying people to be around, and they act like they're from a completely different planet at times. I know I can get into that space sometimes, but I come out of it and at least try to see reality. These people don't seem to come out of that space, and they hang out there a lot. Anyway, enough on that for now.

Today's Stuff
In a different note, today was an ok day. It was busy, but not as crazy as some Mondays at school have been like last week. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, because I don't have a 7th period class. They got a final first thing in the morning for two hours, then 1st-6th period classes afterwards. I feel real sorry for people who do have all seven classes, I've been there, done that, and it wasn't fun. So to wrap this up, I'll say the biggest luck to CoRri, Te, J-Link, Colin, and the rest of the crew. :-) See ya tomorrow.
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