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Sorting Ten Million Thoughts Out (12/16/01)

Ok, this is a moment for me to try to let out everything that has been bothering me this past week. Some or maybe most of the things I will be saying in this post might be a little too intense, so if you wanna skip this post, it's ok. It's not sex or anything like that, but it's certain things I've seen that bother me to the max, and This journal is the only place I can open up to complain about what's on my mind. So here it goes:

My Mom
After she visited me on Tuesday, she has called me twice per day (from Wednesday to yesterday) leaving me messages saying she really needs to talk to me and hoping that I'm not mad at her. Well think about it - If I wasn't mad at her, I would be returning her calls. But I am still really mad at her about my photo album, and she'll never understand that what she did was an extremely huge mistake on her part. She has scarred me inside, which may not be repaired until she gives the photo album back to me the way it was, along with a deep apology. I'm sure it's not going to happen, but somehow I've got to make her realize that she has upset me in many ways last week, and it hurts too much to talk to her or email her right now. No one will understand where I'm coming from, but what my mom has done to me has effected my every day routines like school, work, and friends and family. I know I probably sound like a 7 year old kid complaining and whining to get what I want, but this is what my mom has done with me for years, and if she continues to play this game, then I guess I'll have to play this game with her.

Customers from Work
First of all, I must say that the customers I deal with every time I work at Safeway are a combination of good, okay, bad, and terrible. I very rarely get very bad cunstomers, but when i do, they try to make my life so difficult at times that I feel like screaming or immediately walking out of the job and saying, "Fuck it!" Of course i won't do that, because I'd rather leave on good terms than be sorry later. But I there was something I particularly noticed twice today when I ran into a few customers that involved a mother with very young kids (under 5 yrs).

I was bagging one of the customers' orders when she impolitely yells at her kids to stop doing something. At one point, she slaps the kid's hand and yells at him again, and he almost started crying. Then the mother politely asks me to help them out to the car; so I did. She had 2 shopping carts - one cart full of heavy, big stuff and another cart with the kids inside and about 10 bags of groceries. As soon as she puts her kids in the car when we got there, she yells at them again a few more times. After I was done putting everything they had in the car, the mother walks from the other side of the back door to the right side of the door. She notices the her oldest kid wasn't in his child seat without a seatbelt on, and she kinda threw a fit. She grabbed him out of the seat of the car, and shook him with her hands grabbing tight to his arms, and yelling at him once again. He started crying, and that's about where I left it with them, taking back the shopping carts and going back inside the store.

Half hour later, I ran into another customer involving a mother and a very young son. The son wanted to reach for something from the cart he was sitting in, and the mother grabbed his little hands away from what he was reaching for, and slapped them hard twice. Then she scolded him not to do it again, and that was the end of that. So I bagged their order while this was going on; they didn't need help out to the car, so they left.

In both of those cases, it's wrong to treat a child the way these mothers did, and it pissed me off to the max! I feel so sorry for the kids having to live with this day in and day out. I would never yell at my child or abuse my child, but I'd make sure that the child knows in the best way possible what's good and what's not good. It's called communication, folks!

This is part one of my serious thoughts. Part two will be coming up tomorrow (monday). So stay tuned laterz, if you have read this far, and give me feedback on what I've said in here. I wanna know what you think. Laterz.

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