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A Graduated Classmate Gone

Anya Alexandra Hausner
1/16/84-3/7/04..... "Forever in our hearts."

There will be a remembrance of her tonight at 7:30pm at the Marin Headlines.

You may be asking, "Why is she posting this person?" Anya went to Tam and graduated in my class - 2002. We were in the same Government class our senior year, and that's when I realized how great she was. She will be sorely missed.
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Oh my gosh!! What happened??
She jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
Please tell me hoW u found out this information re Anya. I am her aunt & have recently been there 4 a memorial service 4 the immediate family.
I am so sorry honey. I really hope that she didn't suffer. You have my sympathies <:(


May 1 2004, 13:33:20 UTC 12 years ago

I taught her in my freshman English class at Tam and loved having her as a student. Anya was indeed a very special person and I will miss her! I will never forget her ready smile and her laugh.
- Ms. Edmisten
I am sure most of our graduating class feel the same way about her. I for one knew her for many years and its definately hit me hard, however I realized all we can do is make sure she is not forgotten.

Even now alot of people don't know very much information as to what happened. But I am glad to see that there are others who care just as much. Thanks for posting this.

-A fellow 2002 TAM Graduate.
ah no prob. Sometimes it's hard to forget.
hi. i'm sorry. i know this was a long time ago and you might not see this. it is also awful of me to bring it up after so many months... but i used to live next door to anya and was a best childhood friend of hers. we lost touch and when i looked her up this was all that i could find. please this is very important to me...
morgan tucker
You were the best friend anybody could ask for. I can't believe it's been over 6 years since you've been gone. I still think about you everyday. I love you and miss you soooooo much. I hope you're happy and at peace.

Love always and forever,
Your best friend,

Wish I got to know her better.


November 30 2013, 10:12:43 UTC 3 years ago

I'm having one of those nights when I can't sleep because I think about you and the memories we shared.
I just miss and love you so much. Sometimes I still think all of this is a bad dream. Speaking of which, I love when you visit me in my dreams and I wake up so incredibly happy. Anya, I love you and miss you more than words can say. You will forever be in my dreams and in my heart.

Love Always,